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A subject of boundless complexity.  But simply speaking, it is looking at your psychedelic journey, describing it, what it meant to you, insights you may have had, difficulties or challenges you may have had, and opening it all up and becoming curious about it. 

If plant medicine is a teacher, then an integrative therapist is a tutor, helping the traveler understand the teachings.  Integration creates transformation.


What does it mean for you and how will you carry it forward?  We will facilitate emotional processing together, based on your unique journey. 


Often difficulties in relationships comes down to communication;  being able to communicate what is going on inside your head, and sharing it in a way that can be received by your partner.  We focus on communication skills, and holding space for each other.


Much has been written about addiction.  There is no ONE way to heal from addiction.  Learning that we can tolerate emotions that we didn't think we could is part of the journey of healing from the addictions that keep us trapped in our own suffering.  Together, we will uncover the parts that are protecting us from our own pain, and realize that beyond our pain, lies our freedom and our joy.  


These conditions are messages from your body that something needs to be addressed in your life.  Learning to listen to what your body is trying to tell you, and respecting the message, listening, becoming curious, will lead you in the direction of healing. 


Ananda therapy looks at life from the perspective of Ayurveda, the science of life.  Ayurveda encourages us to take responsibility for our own health and learn to recognize that which is good for our unique constitution, and that which is not.


Ananda means "bliss" in Sanskrit, the ancient language from the Vedas. Debbie addresses the mind, body, and spirit, with particular attention focused on the mind.  Imbalances are addressed by examining how life is being perceived by the client, through examining thoughts, intake of the 5 senses, family, environment, and cultural influences.  

We have come so far in so many ways as a modern culture, but human consciousness is often missing. Ayurveda has a blueprint to navigate this often mysterious part of our collective evolution.  Through right diet, right actions, and conscious awareness of our place in the universe, we can begin to see why we are here, and find the meaning that we are meant to have in our lives, feel the joy that we are meant to feel, and bear through our suffering with more ease.


The time will come
When with elation
You will greet yourself arriving at your own door in your own mirror and each will smile at the other's welcome and say sit here, eat 

you will love again the stranger who was yourself

~excerpt from The Man Who Planted Trees


Nothing is permanent.  It is possible to transcend the label of a "personality or mood disorder."  It does require the desire to do so, and it may take some time, but with consistency in using learned tools, possible supplement/medicine support, and lifestyle change, those labels may not need to apply for the duration of a life.

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